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Custom Dining & Boardroom Tables


The conference table is the centerpiece of any company’s space. It is the place where important decisions are made and where your team feels they belong to the community of the workplace. Your conference room should be where productivity meets sociability and strike a balance between work and warmth. 


Each one of our conference tables are available in a range of hardwoods, is professionaly finished with our utmost craftsmanship, and carefully constructed one-of-a-kind with our clients in mind.


Envision this bespoke piece that immediately speaks to the heart of your company, which shows gratification in your work and an value of those you do business with.

Custom Dining & Boardroom Tables

  • Due to the custom nature of this product, returns and refunds are not offered. The Plane & Nail Co. strives on customer satisfaction and quality of workmanship. Please contact us for any issues you may have. If this is a fault or defect in workmanship, please see warranty policy for more details.

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